CASALET OBSERVATORY is in the "Vall d'Àger", at an altitude of about 750 meters above sea level. This is a wooden stand about 11 m2, sliding roof, which is part of a project of the ASS, a pioneering initiative around the world in an rural area with a limiting magnitude of the visual around 6'5.



- TITAN Mount  

- Telescope: LX200 ACF 10"

- CCD Atik 314L plus, Starlight Filterwheel and AO



- Telescope FS152 (PAM)

- Solarspectrum 0.5 A (PAM)

- Baader Herschel Wedge 2" (PAM)

- Camera Point Grey Grasshopper 3



 - Dobsonian Reflector 16"

- Eyepieces PENTAX XW SMC 20mm, 10mm and 5mm. SWAN 40mm.

- Giant Binoculars Vixen BT126 and Vixen Ultima 9x63.



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